UPS 767 shuts down engine while at cruise over the Atlantic.

The crew of UPS flight 5X-209 were forced to shut down one of their Boeing 767-300’s engines at cruise. Flight 5X-209 was flying from Philadelphia, USA to Cologne, Germany. The aircraft registered N344UP was approximately 190 NM west of Shannon, Ireland when the crew made the announcement.

The crew of 3 reported that they had to shut down engine number 2 (the right engine) due to a low oil pressure reading. After declaring an emergency, Air Traffic Control was heard asking if flight 5X-209 would like to descend lower. The pilots were positive and continued.

The 767 made a descent from flight level 330 (33,000 feet) down to flight level 220 (22,000 feet) before making a safe and successful landing at Shannon International Airport.

The aircraft still remains at Shannon Airport.

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