P-51 crashes while taking part in a Museum fly over.

A privately owned P-51 D Mustang from the Second World War has crashed while taking part in a flyover in Texas. The Warbird was participating in a flyover for the National Museum of the Pacific War.

The Museum was hosting an event about the weapons and equipment used during the Pacific War. The show contained a war re-enactment which is where the P-51 came in.

The aircraft came down into a parking lot of a nearby residential building at 3:51 PM. Two people were killed in the accident, the pilot and a passenger. The pilot, Cowden Ward Jr. owned the aircraft. To pay his respects to war veterans, he would often take them on flights in his aircraft. He had done this for over 130 World War II veterans. He would also do flyovers in his P-51 at veterans funerals and other events. 

The P-51 involved was used during World War II, mostly the Pacific War as well as during the Korean war.

The NTSB is currently investigating the cause behind the crash. No more information is known about the crash at the moment.

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    Can we zero in on the location a little tighter than “Texas”?

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