Man killed by Aeroflot 737 as it takes off.

A 25-year-old man has been killed on a runway at Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow’s largest airport. He was killed by an Aeroflot Boeing 737 as it was taking off for a flight to Athens. The man was at the airport for a stopover from his flight from Spain. He has been noted to have had a fight with other passengers or crew while on his last flight.

According to Russian news agencies, the man had been escorted by police at Sheremetyevo airport to his gate for his next flight. But when it became time to board his bus, he instead walked away and ended up on the runway.

The 737 that was heading to Athens was inspected by authorities after it landed, and it was reported that the fuselage was damaged, most likely by this incident.

The man’s coat and a shoelace were found on the runway alongwith his body and other personal items belonging to him. They were scattered throughout the part of the runway he was hit on.

The runway in which this incident happened on was very soon closed and many flights the airport was handling has been rescheduled.

The man was reported to have been wanting to fly to Armenia from his connecting flight.

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