Delta 767 hits birds mid-flight

A Boeing 767-300ER belonging to Delta Airlines has suffered a mid-air bird strike on its departure out of Salt Lake City. The flight, DL248 was flying to Paris.
Jennifer Newman, a passenger on board has said that she believes the birds that hit the 767 were Pelicans. She has said

“Our Delta pilots were remarkable getting us back on the ground in SLC with no windshield visibility! They have communicated wonderfully with all passengers throughout the process letting us know what is happening. We have now deplaned due to extensive damage to the plane. This is one of the pelicans in the engine.”

Photo Credit: Jennifer Newman

Delta has said that 223 passengers were on board and none have been injured in the incident. Savannah Huddleston from Delta Airlines has released a statement.

Delta flight 248 operating from Salt Lake City to Paris, France safely returned to SLC after encountering birds on ascent. The flight landed safely and returned to the gate, where customers deplaned normally. The safety of our customers and crew is Delta’s top priority, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused”.

Passengers on board are now being rescheduled onto new flights and the aircraft is being examined by airport crews.

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