Cessna 335 crashes into a center for autistic children setting fire and killing 2

A Cessna 335 crashed this Saturday killing 2 people on board. The aircraft crashed into a therapy center for children with autism in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There were 5 children and 8 teachers inside the building at the time of the crash.

The impact set the building on fire which lasted for about an hour before fire crews were able to successfully put it out. However, this was made difficult with the addition of fuel spread by the aircraft after it crashed.

One teacher inside suffered minor injuries while trying to get everyone out of the centre but did not need significant medical attention.

“They felt the building shake, and they thought it was a car that probably hit. Quickly, the door began to catch on fire, so they grabbed each child. The person in charge started to shout, ‘You have this one, you have this one,’ to make sure that everyone was accounted for.”

Said Claudia Axelrod, Regional Director.

Everyone on the ground was able to make it out of the building alive. The people who were on board the aircraft are being identified.

“I heard the plane engines popping, about three times, ‘bang, bang, bang,’ and then it went right by me,”

Said David Devine, a witness of the incident.

Image Credit: Local 10

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