Aerolineas Argentinas cancel flights due to pilot strike

Aerolineas Argentinas has been forced to cancel more than 370 flights due to a pilot strike to occur on Monday.

In a protest of pilot wages, pilots have taken upon strike action towards airline.

So far, the strike will be affecting more than 40,000 people. More flights are expected to be canceled and those that haven’t been already will most likely experience significant delays.

This strike has come at a terrible time for the carrier, with the G20 summit being in the country and only days away. 

“Given the need to protect its passengers, Aerolineas is forced to cancel the entire operation scheduled for that day [Monday] and is reprogramming flights in the most orderly way possible,”

Passengers scheduled on these flights have been told to not show up to the airport that their flight departs and wait for their flight to be confirmed as rescheduled by the airline.

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